I have a Facebook page…

Often times, small business owners say, “I don’t need a website, I have a Facebook page.”. It’s tempting to think that way. First, Facebook (or other social media platform) is free. You can easily see who’s following and liking your pages and posts, and you can, in turn, let them know about what’s going on at your place of business. With all of this going for you, why would you spend money on a website?

Well, the main reason would be owning your information. With your website, you have control over your brand. You don’t have to worry about their terms and conditions, which are often changing, their changing algorithms as to who sees your posts, or, worst case scenario, your account being suspended or deleted.

Another reason, (hard as it is to believe) is that not everyone will be on Facebook. You will have potential customers not able to see your posts because they don’t care to sign up for an account. As social media trends change, you could also find some of those on Facebook are no longer using it as much. In time, you may even have to recreate everything you’ve built up on another platform. If you have a website, that information is available to anyone on the internet and it stays as long as you want it to.

This is not to say that you should delete your social media accounts and just have a website, either. Both a strong social media presence and a modern, maintained website should be part of your marketing strategy. They complement each other.

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