Website Design

Square2 Design specializes in helping small- to medium-sized businesses with their online presence.  We offer a few options to best serve your business goals.

Recent Projects

New Website

A website presence is a necessity.  People are increasingly looking to “visit” places of business online before stepping through the front door. We can help you get your business online!

Revised Website

Is your website in need of an update?  The answer is probably yes if it hasn’t been updated in the last 4-5 years. An “old” website may cause some to wonder if your company is still in business, and due to the increase in people using their phones to browse the internet, if your site is not responsive, or mobile-friendly, you could be losing customers.  Many people become frustrated or leave a site altogether if they can’t read it clearly on their phones.  How is your site looking?

Website Updates

It’s understandable that website updates can get pushed to the end of the list when there are more pressing business matters to attend to, but you don’t want your content to become stale or outdated. As long as your website uses a content management system that we are able to access, we can help you get caught up, and keep you up to date, on those updates to free you up to concentrate on running your business.